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My dream was to open up a store that offers the whole wedding planning package

Wedding Inc. officially opens Gianni events at Liverpool.

One of Wedding Inc' graduate students launch's his new wedding

planner business in Liverpool today.

Gianni completed our wedding and event planner course and while he

was studying launched his business.

An exciting day for Apram Shlimon, his dream ever since he was a child

was to open up a store that offers the whole wedding planning package,

from coordinating a wedding through to the full wedding planning


He is a florist by trade and a designer. He designs and personalises every

wedding dress himself. He chooses carefully a ll his stock and ta kes pride

in owning every available stock in the shop. He has over 4,000 chair

covers with numerous coloured sashes.

He has already been approached by several reception venues to

decorate their ha lls a nd outsource his unique designs. His ability to

transform any event into something amazing is quite remarkable.

As of today, wedding planning is a full time job for Apram, alongside his

loyal sta ff a t Gianni Events.

Wedding lnc. Congratulates those who have given their all and achieved

their dreams.

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